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Middle-skill jobs are located in the middle of the labor market…

In 2012, To prepare the regional workforce for the jobs of tomorrow, three regional Centers of Excellence (CoEs) were established.

Individuals completing this training will earn nationally recognized industry-specific credentials and certifications.

The Centers of Excellence are industry focused and offer hands-on advanced and specialty level training in the areas of…

Manufacturing Skills Training
Promoting Manufacturing

Our Vision:

The Centers of Excellence are recognized as an asset for the workforce and economic development through innovative and quality training solutions.

Our Mission:

We are a dynamic network of advanced manufacturing resources that support the industry by developing an exceptionally skilled workforce

Our Values:

QUALITY: Exceeding expectations by applying the highest standards in everything we do.

RESPONSIVE: To the needs of the community, employers, and market changes.

PARTNERSHIP: Leveraging resources by developing collaborative relationships

INNOVATION: Always seeking creative and forward-thinking solutions

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